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Lhasa Apso kennel EL Minja's,world famous Lhasa Apso kennel represented in all continents

Lhasa Apso Nuseng

Fran Strayer - EL Minja´s






Lhasa Apso Champions homebred to date

Ch. NuSeng’s Chan-Tilly Lace 30-Nov-85
Ch. NuSeng’s Golly Miss Molly 23-Mar-87
Ch. NuSeng’s Talk of the Town Dec, 1990
Ch. NuSeng’s Class Act of Bub Bud La 1-Feb-90
Ch. NuSeng’s Lefty of Bud Bud La 14-Nov-92
Ch. NuSeng’s Great Balls A Fire 18-Oct-92
Ch. NuSeng’s All That Glitters CD 13-Jun-05
Ch. NuSeng’s The Luck of Gold 4-Dec-93
Ch. Sinkye Who’s U R Daddy NuSeng “Kaden” 30-May-04
Ch. NuSeng’s Walkin Miss Daisy “Daisy” 5-Jun-04
Ch. Sinkye Wayward Wind NuSeng “Wendy” 8-Oct-04
Ch. Lar-ri-san’s Johnny Walker 16-Jan-05
Ch. Lar-ri-san’s Walking the Dog 6-Jun-04
Ch. Sinkye Fisher of Men NuSeng “Simon” 20-Feb-05
Ch. Sinkye Wicket of the Willow “Wicket” 21-Feb-05
Ch. NuSeng Walkin in Sunshine “Sunny” 9-Sep-05
Ch. Sinkye Sky Walker NuSeng “Luke” 26-Mar-06
Ch. Lar-ri-san Walk of Fame “Jennifer” 16-Jul-06
Ch. NuSeng Dou Sea What ISea Sinkye “Arielle” 3-Jun-06
Ch. Sinkye UR My Sunshine NuSeng “Molly” 14-Oct-06
Ch. Sinkye Walk the Line NuSeng “Johnny” 6-Feb-07
Ch. Sinkye Lily of D Valley NuSeng BIS and BIG winner “Lily” 5-May-07
Ch. Sinkye Rock My World NuSeng NJK 06 Amsterdam JW06 BIG winner “Brick” 06
Ch. NuSeng Rock My World Sinkye “Rocky” 3-May-07
Ch. NuSeng’s Candy Kisses Sinkye “Candy” 2-Sep-07

NuSeng’s Oh Oh What a Gal Sinkye “Allie” 4 & 5 pt major


Ch. EL Minja's The Wind in the Willow


Ch. EL Minja's Walk on Water / Ch. EL Minja's The Wind in the Willow



BIS Champion EL Minja's Walk on Water


Ch. EL Minja's Walk on Water / Ch. EL Minja's The Wind in the Willow


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